Concerts December 2011

Want to enjoy some concerts in December? You can find a list of concerts this month.
These concerts are at Palau de la Musica. More information about the concerts in December.



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Date Time Event Room
01/12/2011 20:00 AVACOSConciertos benefit concert for Charity Sala Iturbi
21/09/2011 to 08/01/2012 "The essence of forms" Exhibition Court of the Bamboos
02/12/2011 19:30 VALENCIAAbono ORCHESTRA Fall 2011 Sala Iturbi
03/12/2011 19:30 Concert to benefit the Foundation Charity Gent x GentConciertos Sala Iturbi
04/12/2011 11:30 MUSICAL SOCIETY General MARÍTIMOSProgramación TOWNS Sala Iturbi
04/12/2011 19:30 GROUP OF SANTA BÁRBARAProgramación DANSES General Sala Iturbi
05/12/2011 21:00 Concert to benefit the Foundation for Charitable JusticiaConciertos Sala Iturbi
06/12/2011 19:00 Concert to benefit the House of Charity ArtistaConciertos Sala Iturbi
07/12/2011 19:30 CHOIR OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VALENCIAProgramación General Sala Iturbi
08/12/2011 11:30 MUSICAL UNION STA. CECILIA OF THE ARZOBISPOProgramación VILLAR General Sala Iturbi
08/12/2011 19:30 General NavidadProgramación Concert Sala Iturbi
09/12/2011 19:30 MUSICAL SOCIETY "PEACE" OF SEVEN General AGUASProgramación Sala Iturbi
10/12/2011 11:00 XIII MEETING OF CORAL General APANADALProgramación Sala Iturbi
10/12/2011 19:30 CHOIR JOSEPH overall ROCAProgramación Sala Iturbi
11/12/2011 11:30 FOLKLORE FEDERATION OF COMMUNITY General VALENCIANAProgramación Sala Iturbi
11/12/2011 19:30 COR POPULAR GROUP OF GROUP OF CAN DANSES And D'ESTIL OF THE RAT General PENATProgramación Sala Iturbi
12/12/2011 19:15 CHAMBER ORCHESTRA FLORENCIASociedad Valencia Philharmonic Sala Iturbi
13/12/2011 NavidadCongresos concert and other activities Sala Iturbi
15/12/2011 20:00 OV Cycle: The Thursday Orchestra (III) Cycle OV Sala Iturbi
16/12/2011 19:30 VALENCIAAbono ORCHESTRA Fall 2011 Sala Iturbi
17/12/2011 11:30 Concert Dress Rehearsal General NavidadProgramación Sala Iturbi
17/12/2011 19:30 Association benefit concert Victor E. Beneficial franklConciertos Sala Iturbi
18/12/2011 11:30 Municipal NavidadBanda Concert Valencia Sala Iturbi
18/12/2011 19.00 THE ORCHESTRA RISONANZAAbono Fall 2011 Sala Iturbi
19/12/2011 19.15 Odhecaton - THE PERFECTION OF NÚMEROSociedad Valencia Philharmonic Sala Iturbi
20/12/2011 20:00 UNIVERSITY CHORUS SANT General YAGOProgramación Sala Iturbi
21/12/2011 20:00 LA PETITE BANDEAbono Fall 2011 Sala Iturbi
22/12/2011 20:00 BAND OF HIGH LAND HEADQUARTERS General DISPONIBILIDADProgramación Sala Iturbi
23/12/2011 19:30 University Chorus of General VALENCIAProgramación Sala Iturbi
26/12/2011 20:00 Concert "Vienna in Valencia" Other Music Sala Iturbi
27/12/2011 21:00 FRANCISCOOtras music Sala Iturbi
28/12/2011 20:00 UNICEFConciertos benefit concert for Charity Sala Iturbi
29/12/2011 21:00 ANTONIO OROZCOOtras music Sala Iturbi

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