The Cathedral of Valencia

The Cathedral of Valencia, also called Cathedral of Santa Maria, is considered a marvel of ancient architecture. The earliest date that remains of the Cathedral of Valencia XIII century, when it was believed incició construction. This is an eminently Gothic temple, but also keeps touches of other styles such as Baroque, Romanesque, Renaissance and neoclassical, the latter being far more pronounced.

La Seu, as it is known in Valencia, was built using stones from quarries in many different places like Benidorm, Godella, Burjasot or Jávea. The Cathedral is built over an old mosque.

Unique elements of the cathedral

Regarding outside the temple:

  • The eastern gate, called l'Almoina and Romanesque (XIII)
  • The small chapel north, called Sant Jordi, where the first Mass (XIII)
  • The western arch, called Obra Nova and Italian Renaissance (XVI)
  • The western gate, called the Apostles and French Gothic (XIV)
  • The bell tower and the Gothic Micalet Valencia (XIV century)
  • The southern gate, call Irons and Italian Baroque (XVIII)

As for inside the temple:

  • The dome, Gothic wonder French (XIV), as seen from inside and outside
  • The old chapter or Chapel of the Holy Chalice, late Gothic (second half s. XIV)
  • The ambulatory, Valencian Gothic style (XIII century), mostly covered with neoclassical decoration (XVIII)
  • The altar or sanctuary, decorated with Renaissance paintings (XV) and later additions Baroque (XVII)
  • The nave and aisles, Valencian Gothic (S. XIII-XIV)

What stands the cathedral are:

1) The Holy Grail of Valencia ( One of the curiosities that keeps the Cathedral of Saint Mary of Valencia is the Holy Grail or Holy Grail, located in the Chapel of the Holy Grail. According to legend, the Holy Grail of Valencia is the authentic chalice of the Last Supper, he was reportedly taken to the Cathedral of Valencia by King Alfonso V in 1437.)

2) The Micalet (The bell tower of the Cathedral, Micalet or Miguelete, is a popular Gothic tower beloved by Valencia to be considered almost a symbol of the city. Its construction began in the fourteenth century.)

3) The three doors of the Cathedral of Valencia (items worthy of mention for its diversity of styles and grandeur of the same. Include: Gate Palau I'Almoina or Romanesque Gate Gothic Apostles French door Irons, Baroque.)

4) The Chapel of Saint George (named after a painting of Sant Jordi is located in a Gothic altar in the same chapel).

5) the dome (a genius of French Gothic is a octagon shaped building with 8 breathtaking stained glass. The dome is 40 meters high and is an important natural light to the Cathedral).

Plaza de la Reina, Micalet, dome

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