XIX Century Museum Valencia

The former Convento del Carmen Footwear is located in the iconic Carmen district of Valencia, in the historic city center. It currently houses the Museum of the nineteenth century, one of the most important museums in Valencia.

The building is of the thirteenth century, settling in this the first Order of Carmelite Fathers of Valencia by permission of King Pedro III of Aragon.

The convent of Carmen Valencia footwear consists of several parts, according to its time of construction. They differ cloister of gothic, medieval chapel, bearing the Renaissance cloister and finally the parish of Santa Cruz de modernized look.

A monumental historical ensemble of great architectural value which is considered a masterpiece of ancient architecture.

The XIX Century Museum houses a collection of works (paintings and sculptures mostly) that reflect the different artistic and cultural moments that crossed the Valencian and Spanish society in general throughout the nineteenth century to the early twentieth century. We can find works by Sorolla, Degrain, Pinazo, ... The museum of the nineteenth century is a reflection of our recent past.

The museum can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00 hours.

Address: Calle del Museo, 2 Valencia

Museum Phone: 963 693 088

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