Malvarrosa beach

It is the most popular beach in Valencia. This is an urban beach, which takes its name Malva Rosa for the neighborhood where it is located. Since ancient landing place of goods from the Mediterranean, the beach was becoming Malvarrosa place of rest and recreation of the inhabitants of Valencia.

Sorolla and Blasco Ibáñez veranearon in these waters. Of the latter, we know your home, as it has become a museum, where we see some of his stuff and works as a writer. The house-museum of Vicente Blasco Ibanez has three floors and a small garden, the ground floor is used for conferences, meetings and exhibitions, the first floor are covered sculptures and photographs with family and higher plant records are kept associated with their life and work.

Malvarrosa beach is sandy and golden color. Noteworthy is the long promenade (1980) from the coast and the great range of hotels and restaurant, a long row of restaurants and cafes. It has all the services of a busy urban beach in the warm weather arrives in Valencian, lifeguard posts, showers and an area for people with disabilities.

The promenade along the coast of the Malvarrosa, and is incredible for walking, skating, biking or sunbathing. The whole trip is full of bars and restaurants to eat a good paella or sip a cold beer. At night, the ride becomes the color of the Mediterranean and the sea breeze.

The sea is calm, the beach is ideal Malvarrosa to practice swimming and enjoy swimming. And if what you like is to train, it will find activities to do, and so complement your career along the promenade.

How to get to the beach

The beach is just minutes from Valencia city center, so you can get to the beach Malvarrosa bus from the city center. There is also a bike path by which you can access the beach, or underground. to be very close, it is feasible to reach the beach walk on foot.

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