Ricardo Tormo Circuit in Valencia

The Valencia Circuit Ricardo Tormo, better known as Cheste circuit, this is due to its location in the town of that name, Cheste. Cheste is located less than 30 kilometers from the city of Valencia and belongs to the region of Buñol and has more than eight thousand inhabitants. The Ricardo Tormo circuit hosts every year since 1999, one of the phases of the World Motorcycling Championship., Plus the Grand Prix of Valencia, Spain Grand Prix World Superbike Championship, among others.

Cheste Features:

Tracing the Cheste circuit: the circuit has the capacity to hold 120,000 spectators of which 65,000 are seated. Has a length of 4,005 miles, 14 turns, the main straight is 876 m. and the maximum width of the circuit is 12 m.

The circuit is abut Valencia Road, S / N, 46380 Cheste

Ricardo Tormo circuit
MotoGP 2008 Winner: C. Stoner (Ducati)
Winner 250cc 2008: M. Simoncelli (Gilera)
Winner 125cc 2008: S. Corsi (Aprilia) Length: 4,005 meters
Curves: 5 der. / 9 left.
Longest straight: 876 meters

Last stop of the World Cup and third in Spain, after Montmelo and Jerez. The new circuit for the trophy for best Grand Prix of the season, an award he won in 2001 and 2006. Attendees can see the entire path from various positions.

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