Turia Gardens of Valencia Park

parque jardin del turia valencia

Turia Gardens Park is a municipal park in Valencia which has 110 acres of gardens in the heart of Valencia and is located along the old bed of the river that gives it its name, is a long park (6, 5 Km) and is itself composed of the following parts: parque de cabecera valencia

The Parc de Capçalera or park header. We found bordering Mislata, has a large lake where boating, this park also has lush gardens and playgrounds of all types. Headend in the park is an attraction Bioparc for children and adults.

Vetges-tu. This area is a cutting edge, it can do funny things like a kettle-shaped source and other interesting oddities.

parque gulliver valencia Gulliver Park of Valencia, this is a playground that the tourist can not fail to see in the figure is Gulliver, the giant tale character, lying and where parts of it are attractions for children, water slides, with This effect is achieved Lilliputienses (children) Gulliver caught.

The City of Arts and Sciences. A playground for leisure certainly l City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia is full of ponds and green rides that will make it a delight to walk through the environment.

Jardin del Turia Bridges

Another curiosity Turia gardens are numerous bridges, no less than 18, some ancient and rebuilt several times, they are: Shipyards bridge, the railroad bridge puentes valencia Barcelona, ​​the bridge of the kingdom, better known as Gargoyles bridge, the Pont d'Or I'Assut, Monteolivete bridge, the bridge of the Royal Sea Bridge, the bridge Angel Custodio, the bridge of Aragon The bridge of the exhibition, known as the comb bridge, the Pont de whip, the bridge of the Trinity, the bridge of the Valencian Glorias, the Pont des Arts, San Jose Bridge, the bridge of Campanar, Nine of October bridge and the bridge of Serranos.

The origin of the Turia Gardens

Because of the great flood of 1957, caused by the overflow of the river Turia, the city of Valencia decided, with support from central government, divert the river. In that vast space, by popular demand, the lung was established to Valencia, a huge green area known today as the Turia Gardens park.

The design of the park has been in the hands of architects and artists of renown as "Father Ricardo Bofill," or "You Vetges - Mediterrania"

Valencia tourism practice can not be exempt from a walk in the park Jardin del Turia, since Valencia is also known as the city of flowers. A park with more than 3,000,000 visitors a year.

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